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General Data Salvador
Geographic longitude (east) 38°41´E      
Geographic latitude (north) 12°55´N      
Total area (km²)     Inhabitants (1.1.1950)  
Settlement area (%)     Inhabitants (1.1.1970)  
Traffic Area (%)     Inhabitants (1.1.1997)  
Agricultural area (%)     Density of Inhabitants ( I / km²)  
Forested area (%)        
Water bodies (%)     Motor vehicles (1.1.1950)  
Road network (km)     Motor vehicles (1.1.1970)  
Mean altitude (above sea-level)     Motor vehicles (1.1.1997)  
Lowest point (above sea-level)        
Highest point (above sea-level)     Motor vehicles / 1000 inhabitants (1997)  


Air Pollution Salvador

No data available


Mean climatic data Salvador

No data available


Source of climatic data: M. Müller, 1983: Handbuch ausgewählter Klimastationen der Erde. Universität Trier. Forschungsstelle Bodenerosion.